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Introduction & Key Events

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Experience the thrills and defeats of an authentic deep sea adventure as you immerse yourself in the CATALYST 2 Mission Log from the Waitt Institute’s search for Amelia Earhart in the South Pacific. Written by Waitt Institute Founder and President Ted Waitt, doubling as Expedition Leader, and Director of Operations Michael Dessner, this story is a gripping suspense novel and science fiction odyssey all rolled into one sensational saga.

Pago Pago Harbor

Pago Pago Harbor

As you dive into the log, you’ll feel like part of the crew. From the traditional Samoan Umu Feast to days on deck with Mary Ann and Ginger to the pristine beauty of indigenous marine life, this story is nothing less than an epic tale about the resilience of the American spirit—the spirit of Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and each and every explorer since their disappearance who has persevered to bring them home.

Log Narrated By*…
Michael Dessner — CATALYST 2 Director of Operations
Director of Operations, Waitt Institute

With Personal Entries From…
Ted Waitt — CATALYST 2 Expedition Leader
Founder and President, Waitt Institute

And Starring…
Mary Ann & Ginger
REMUS 6000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)


2/06     The Team Arrives In American Samoa <more>

2/10     The RV Seward Johnson Leaves American Samoa <more>

2/11     The RV Seward Johnson Begins Transit <more>

2/15     The Survey Begins <more>

2/17     First Contact Detected And Re-Imaged <more>

2/23     The RV Seward Johnson Propeller Hits And Damages Ginger <more>

2/26     Stator Failure; No Vehicles In The Water! <more>

2/28     Replacement Thruster On The Ground <more>

3/03     Both AUVs Back In Service <more>

3/13     Target 2: Delta Rocks <more>

3/24     End Leg 1 Operations <more>

3/29     The RV Seward Johnson Arrives In American Samoa <more>

4/02     Depart American Samoa For Leg 2 <more>

4/14     Target 3: Chain/Pipe <more>

5/02     Target 4: Barrel <more>

5/06     Target 5: Pole <more>

5/12     End Leg 2 Operations, Begin Transit <more>

5/16     Arrive American Samoa, End Mission <more>

* The CATALYST 2 Mission Log is based largely on the personal, onboard ship account of Michael Dessner, the CATALYST 2 Director of Operations, and may not always represent the views or recollections of other members of the expedition or the Waitt Institute.